OLR 2013 / Day 4 / Why We Do This

Posted by Development , June 23, 2013

By Kris Amundson          It took nearly 3 hours to drive the roughly 200 kilometers from San Pedro Sula to La Ceiba. But although Yosleni (12th grade) and Emy (8th grade) and their mother Mrs. Lopez (not her real name) had traveled a much shorter distance, they had spent almost as long in transit. 

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OLR 2013 / Day 3 / Graduation Day

Posted by Development , June 22, 2013

By Kris Amundson          Graduations are always festive affairs. Here in Honduras, they are a combination of a prom and an academic ceremony. Girls wear long, glamorous (VERY glamorous) dresses. Many of the spectators also come in formal clothing.

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OLR 2013 / Day 2 / Family Time

Posted by Development , June 21, 2013

By Kris Amundson          You don´t have to spend much time in Honduras to realize how critically important family is. But most of the girls we support have no family. Because of parental illness, abuse, or the effects of abject poverty, they have little or no contact with their biological family.

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OLR 2013 / Day 1 / Reconnecting & Recollecting

Posted by Development , June 20, 2013

By Kris Amundson          The first day that Anne Reed and I are back in Honduras is always a time for reconnection and recollection. Since we took part in mission trips with Christ Church from the early 1990s, we have between us made about 40 trips to this small Central American country. But even though the place is starting to feel like home, we always have some adjustment.

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Why We Pledge

Posted by Pierce, October 10, 2012

I am told people avoid church during stewardship month no matter where they go because they do not want to be asked for money. Ask them to serve meals at the shelter: “Sure.” Ask them to go on a mission trip to uphold the suffering: “Why not?” Ask them to join a Bible study: “What time does it start?” Ask them to be on the Properties Committee: “How can I help?” Ask them to remember their church in their will: “I’ll think about it.”

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Opinions on our Church

Posted by Ann, July 23, 2012

Since General Convention, the Episcopal Church has been taking quite a beating on op-ed pages and in the blogosphere. I was particularly incensed by Ross Douthat’s (Washington Post, Sunday, July 15) suggestion that we are losing numbers because of our liberal tendencies and lack of theology.

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