Wendy Brown

The Mystery of God

Someone give me an Amen! I’ve been to Christ Church. As I leave, I feel through and through grateful, humble, fortunate, honored ... the Mystery of God fills me.

It is noon on Thursday. I’m a Lazarus volunteer. Here, weekly, I’m renewed again with the goodness of God, with the generosity of everyday people, by the magnificence of Spirit in people who reach out to help and in those who won’t quit trying to find a better way.

The men and women, who come to Lazarus now, in the majority, are people who’ve fallen through the cracks in this down-turned economy. Working parents who’ve lost their jobs due to down-sizing. People with a sudden illness at a time when the budget just covers necessities. A mom can cover her family’s expenses but needs a security deposit. A dad who needs help with the electric bill, shoes and shirt for an interview or clothes for his toddler. The pantry is a blessing for so many families. It overflows with fresh, totally desirable fruits, vegetables, wonderful breads, meat and canned goods. We’re feeding those who hunger. We’re helping clothe those in need. We’re listening to those who hurt. We’re giving a hand to hold, sound counsel to those who need to be heard. We graciously show care and concern. Aren’t these the commandments of Jesus?

Thank you Christ Church members! Thank you with all my heart for providing this uplifting place for me, for all the counselors who learn so much from our volunteer hours here. Thank you from all those who now have their medicine, warm winter clothes, beds for their babies, and food for their families. These very real people walk away from Christ Church each Wednesday and Thursday knowing that indeed, someone really does care ... for them.