HVAC Study Group Formed by Vestry

Posted by Alecia, July 31, 2012

Most of us have been uncomfortable at one time or another in our church buildings and some of us know about the complexity of issues that brings this about. Others know about how much all these repairs and maintenance cost. Still others know about technology changes in the past 60 years that make these systems more ecologically responsible, responsive to people’s needs, and cost effective. Every one of us cares about the historic significance of these buildings we cherish.

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Strategic Planning Moves Forward Through the Summer

Posted by moja, July 3, 2012

The Strategic Planning Committee worked through the middle of June drafting a vision for the future of Christ Church and developing an outline for a strategic plan, including four themes with high-level goals. Both the vision and the major goals of the plan were based on the common themes revealed in parish members’ answers to the Dream Big question in the recent parish survey.

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Listen, Learn, Pray, and Plan – An Update on Strategic Planning

Posted by moja, June 4, 2012

Parish surveys are in and the Strategic Planning Committee already has involved and consulted with the vestry, program staff, clergy, and formers wardens to listen and learn from the 492 parishioners who responded to the survey.

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Now Is The Time to Outline Our Future

Posted by moja, May 7, 2012

This month, your leaders, vestry, and members of the Strategic Planning Committee will be integrating what we have learned from the parish survey into imperatives for the way we outline our vision for the future.

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There’s Still Time to Complete Your All-Parish Survey

Posted by moja, April 9, 2012

Late last month, Christ Church parishioners 16 and older received an invitation to participate in an all-parish survey, either by email for the online version or in the mail for the paper version. Good results are coming in already.

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Strategic Planning Effort Underway

Posted by moja, March 5, 2012

The Strategic Planning Committee has begun work that will lead to an updated vision and a strategic plan that will be used to guide program and budget decisions over the next three to four years. This is a time-tested way to provide consistent guidance for resourcing decisions and to help focus parish efforts to maximize our church’s strengths and realize our most fervent dreams for the future of our church.

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