Statement from the Senior Warden on Memorial Plaques

Posted by Matthew, October 30, 2017

The following statement was shared by Emily Bryan, Senior Warden, at morning services on Sunday, October 29, 2017. 

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A Prayer for the New Year from Rev. Pierce

Posted by Development , January 1, 2014

As we begin a new year, let us pray together.

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Liturgy of Mourning for the Loss of a Loved One

Posted by Alecia, February 13, 2013

Many of us have lost loved ones who died in far away places and we were unable to grieve in the context of a worship service. On February 24 we will offer a special service of mourning along with our regular 5:00 p.m. Holy Eucharist in the Church. Please bring a picture or memento of your loved one.

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HVAC Study Group Formed by Vestry

Posted by Alecia, July 31, 2012

Most of us have been uncomfortable at one time or another in our church buildings and some of us know about the complexity of issues that brings this about. Others know about how much all these repairs and maintenance cost. Still others know about technology changes in the past 60 years that make these systems more ecologically responsible, responsive to people’s needs, and cost effective. Every one of us cares about the historic significance of these buildings we cherish.

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