Prayer for February 20: God, let me be mindful that everyone I meet today carries a burden. Help me to ease it.

Prayer for February 19: Let me be holy and happy in Your service today and open to the opportunities You have prepared for me.

Prayer for Ash Wednesday:God, today is Your day. Keep me ever mindful of Your will for me throughout this day.

Join with Us to Pray each Day by Ron Hoekstra

On each of 100 days from Ash Wednesday to the end of Eastertide, our website will post a 20-word prayer for recitation and reflection. The same prayer also will appear on the Christ Church Facebook page and Twitter Feed. A Christ Church parishioner has written each prayer.

In the writing process, Christ Church volunteer prayer writers have expanded and deepened their own prayer lives. In posting their prayers they hope to engage with others—including those who may be disconnected, lapsed, or alienated—in daily, intentional prayer. Through these prayerful offerings, the writers welcome everyone into the deeper life of Christ as present at Christ Church.

The daily 20-word prayer can be found daily on the home page of the website (under News) or click on Pray. Or visit the Christ Church Facebook page. Or check your Twitter feed.

Pray With Christ Church offers a prayerful means by which everyone can come to know the Jesus that we love, adore, worship, and celebrate at Christ Church.