Holy Week & Easter

Take the Journey   

Come follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ to a new awakening.

Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome here.

This week we enter a new world of time and place. With Jesus, we enter into the ancient city of Jerusalem. Holy Week symbolizes not only the last days and hours of Jesus’ life, but calls us forth to examine anew how we spend our time, giving attention to those “things” and persons who matter most. At Christ Church we walk with Jesus into Jerusalem and relive with him the highs and lows of these most holy days. We invite you to join us as we reclaim time, re-assessing our priorities and re-centering our attention not on the “things that are passing away,” but on the wonder of life and the hope of the world. 

For a listing of Holy Week and Easter services, please click here or visit our Worship Services page.