The Strategic Planning Committee has begun work that will lead to an updated vision and a strategic plan that will be used to guide program and budget decisions over the next three to four years. This is a time-tested way to provide consistent guidance for resourcing decisions and to help focus parish efforts to maximize our church’s strengths and realize our most fervent dreams for the future of our church.

Many years ago, I was given a small book entitled, If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going, You’ll End Up Somewhere Else. It was filled with common sense recommendations for planning a career—and a life—that revolve around how to set goals and work toward them. These same principles apply to companies, non-profits, and yes, even faith communities. The SPC plans to use this approach to maximize Christ Church’s impact in the community and the world, exploit our many gifts to their fullest potential, and provide the opportunities for spiritual growth, personal connections, service, and worship that are most meaningful. We will focus on these goals for our members as well as for future visitors and potential members we have not met yet.

As a starting point, the group has inherited data and results from previous strategic planning focus groups and input. The SPC plans to gather additional new data via a parish survey within the next six to eight weeks. Watch Parish Life for more information on the timing of the survey. We’re counting on your insight and participation to make our work truly reflective of the hopes and dreams of this parish.

By Anita Arms, Strategic Planning Committee Chair