This month, your leaders, vestry, and members of the Strategic Planning Committee will be integrating what we have learned from the parish survey into imperatives for the way we outline our vision for the future.

As we do this, we keep in mind the so-called pillars of vestry retreats, which, over the last several years have focused five priorities:

  • First, promoting justice and peace for all of God’s creation, using the Millennium Development Goals as a guide. 
  • Second, focusing on young adults, youth, and children and bringing them into full incorporation in the thinking, work, worship, and leadership of the church. 
  • Third, reconciling and engaging those who do not know Christ by participating in God’s mission to reconcile all things to Christ and proclaiming the Gospel to those who are not yet here as well as members of the church. 
  • Fourth, continuing to revitalize and transform our congregation through commitments to leadership development, spiritual growth, lifelong learning, dynamic and inclusive worship, and greater diversity. 
  • Fifth, reaffirming the significance of our partners in the Anglican Communion and external relationships with partners who share in our mission. 

All this foundational work will be the soil out of which a new vision for the next four years will grow. Effective congregations are those that have a clear mission, focus, and purpose. Our vision will be mission-generated and mission-focused.

The strategic planning process will be clear about what we are called as a church to accomplish while providing a good flow of information to keep everyone informed and engaged. The plan will also become a community tool to nurture the creation and sustaining of relationships that will help us reach our goals.

We have committed and excellent leaders involved in this process who have been listening to God’s call to us and will deliver a plan that will inspire us as a congregation to act.

I hope you will stay tuned to the directions we’re taking and offer the gift of your support to enable our future to be faithful and bold.

By the Rev. Pierce Klemmt