Have you noticed everything happening at and around Christ Church lately? Do you know what awaits you in Lent? The March issue of Rejoice tells all and is only a click away:

•           Heard what everyone is talking about? Our services of sung Compline in Lent. (Page 1)

•           Wonder what a fictional barbershop has in common with our Lenten Quiet Day? (Page 1)

•           Curious about what really happens on a Lazarus ministry morning? (Page 6)

•           How are our children learning to pray and our youth engaging with God? (Page 4)

•           Know what's in store at Sunday's Evensong? (Page 2)

•           Why should we all be interested in the Foundation series on Seniors? (Page 5)

•           How is Mark's telling of the Resurrection different? (Page 7)

•           What are we doing for International Women's Day and why? (Page 8)

•           When will the HVAC project finish?

•           Looking for fellowship with lunch (Page 2) or brunch (Page 7)?

•           Find the answers to these questions and more in the March issue of Rejoice.

•           ... & enjoy a few photos from February happenings.

Click here to find your answers in the March issue of Rejoice.

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