Parish surveys are in and the Strategic Planning Committee already has involved and consulted with the vestry, program staff, clergy, and formers wardens to listen and learn from the 492 parishioners who responded to the survey.

Thanks to all who answered the survey questions and submitted their heartfelt comments, suggestions, and ideas. There’s a lot of important information to assess. The survey included the option to comment on every question, and it’s clear that one of the many things we have in common is that we love to talk about our church.

With the conclusion and closing of the survey, the SPC has transitioned from information-gathering to the assessment of that information, aimed right now at crafting the main themes for the strategic plan.

By mid-June, the committee will have drafted an outline for the strategic plan, with the main themes, high-level goals, and targets ready for review and discussion at a vestry retreat later in June. The vestry will continue the work started by the committee, moving the plan forward; then the committee will take the results of the work done at the vestry retreat, finish the plan, and submit it to the vestry for approval later in the summer.

In September, the Christ Church staff will plan the action steps needed to attain the plan’s goals over the next few years.

Informed by our Christ Church mission, the strategic plan will help guide funding and program decisions in our quest to become a church of the future. Through the strategic plan, we will set benchmarks and goals in key areas for the next three to four years and provide a means to focus our efforts on the most important and meaningful programs.

The committee’s goal is to create a plan that will both develop and make the most of our strengths in serving our own parish as well as those in need in our community, region, and the world.

Through the summer, the committee will continue to pray as it works on the plan. Later this fall, the committee will present the plan to the parish community. We invite your prayers for all involved as we continue this effort. Watch for updates on our work through the summer months.

By Anita Arms, Strategic Planning Committee Chair