In 2007, Christ Church's Friends of Mengo Hospital committee joined the fight against the HIV/AIDS epidemic sweeping Africa. Our church has a long relationship with Mengo Hospital, which is located in Kampala, Uganda.

Our strategy has been to work with the medical director of the hospital’s HIV/AIDS clinic, Dr. Edith Namulema, to fund projects and to coordinate and strengthen our ties with other partners on the ground. These partners included the Mennonite Central Committee, one of the clinic’s major donors, and Friends of Mengo committees based in Canada and the UK. When funds are available, Dr. Namulema consults with her staff and sends us their requests.

Our funding has helped fill gaps not met by the clinic’s larger donors and has focus on children, women, and support for projects that help the dedicated staff work more efficiently.

Dr. Namulema’s first request was to help the children infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. Christ Church provided antiretroviral treatments for 22 children and financed drinks and transportation for them on their appointment days. This effort ultimately led to increased support for the Saturday Club, a special weekly program for children affected by the disease.

We have also funded medicines for pregnant women and new mothers to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV. This program, which we still support, ensures that no child is born with HIV.

Dr. Namulema and Mengo’s HIV/AIDS clinic have been recognized for their effective and efficient work by the hospital itself and the US Agency for International Development.

In July, Dr. Namulema will be in Washington to present a paper at the International AIDS Conference on her successful efforts to incorporate Mengo’s tuberculosis program into the work at the clinic. (Tuberculosis is a major killer of HIV/AIDS patients.)

Dr. Namulema will lead the Adult Forum on Sunday, July 22. We hope you will join us and learn more about Mengo’s fight against HIV/AIDS and our church’s role in this effort.