For a dozen years our parish hosted 20 new priests as part of the Foundations for Spiritual Leadership. Next month we will have a multi-day reunion with our FSL alumni to celebrate the harvest of insights we received and to learn more about how their two-year internships at Christ Church helped catapult them into pastoral leadership.

The reunion will begin at the 5:00 PM service on Sunday, July 15 with a reception following. We hope you will join us. Then our former residents will have meetings and discussions through Tuesday, July 17.

Our Foundations for Spiritual Leadership (FSL) program, which concluded last June, was a pioneering effort focusing on the future of theological education. Aided by the Lilly Endowment, Inc. and many researchers from both the church and the academy, we have made our mark as a congregation providing context for cohort learning and mentoring that advanced our clergy residents, helping them on the way to becoming the next generation of church leaders.

While these residents were mentored, shaped, and given skills and holy habits for the duration of their priesthoods, we learned many things about mentoring that we have shared with the national church. With the rise of their pastoral identity and organizational leadership between seminary and their careers in the church, there were many turning points and benchmarks for growth that were documented and shared wherever young priests were searching to embrace best practices.

Now we will get together to discuss how the residency has played out in the lives of these FSL alumni. Gail Eger is heading up the committee for hospitality and logistics for our former residents. If you would like to help, please get in touch with her.

But most of all, join us at 5:00 PM service on July 15 as we welcome back our outstanding residents.

By the Rev. Pierce Klemmt