The HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) study group has been meeting frequently since May and significant progress has been made evaluating church systems. This evaluation is the basis for designing a future system to best serve the needs of Christ Church.

The age and current state of the numerous components making up our HVAC systems makes it ineffective and inefficient to continue maintaining them; replacing these systems makes the most sense.

After much research the committee decided on the Bid-Design-Build acquisition method. There are several options for meeting our HVAC needs and this acquisition method will allow us to consider various options as we strive to choose the best one for the church.

Faithful + Gould, a professional project management firm, has been chosen to assist with this work. The selection process focused on long term availability, Bid-Design-Build acquisition experience, similar project experience, references, and testing abilities. Five firms were interviewed at length by two study group members using a consistent set of questions that enable fair comparison of capabilities.

A plan of acquisition has been completed and is available for review. Click here to read that plan.

Our vestry has been an important partner in the work of the study group. They have been advised of the progress along the way and given input and direction to the group.

The Acquisition Plan leads us to a request for proposal (RFP). The RFP is moving toward completion and will be distributed to prospective project bidders in early December.

More details on this project and the work of the study group can be found in the HVAC section of About Us. Click here to go to that page.