A recent visit by Buck Blanchard, Director of Missions for the Diocese of Virginia, sparked some new thinking about mission opportunities – ones not so far away, ones that could be done in a day or two and ones that wouldn’t require great financial resources. Buck said that many times mission was “just being present with others”.

That thought, along with another idea of visiting churches where we know priests (past associates, or former FSL residents for example), further focused the idea: Take buses or cars and go on a mission trip to other churches.

The most obvious place to start would be in support of Dayspring, the program the Diocese of Virginia has established to support those faithful congregations returning to their original buildings after years of litigation between the Diocese and breakaway churches. We want to have fun, fellowship and show hospitality by visiting these newly returned churches in their sanctuaries.

For our kick-off event we will visit The Falls Church on Sunday, July 15, for the 10:15 AM service in the Historic Church. We want to go in a group of about 25-30 people to worship and stay for fellowship. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Betsy Hahn at hahninc@aol.com.

This is a great opportunity to share with others in Christian worship and fellowship. We hope that you will join our Christ Church On-The-Go.

By Betsy Hahn