hunger-free-alexandria-logoweb.jpg Christ Church is partnering with others to make a difference in Alexandria. 

Parishioners at Christ Church and at many other churches in the City of Alexandria, have long been actively involved in offering food assistance to those who struggle to put food on the table in our community. We have partnered with ALIVE!, other organization and churches.

The City has begun a new community-wide collaboration to make change on macro and micro levels, a first of its kind effort. Over the past two months, 15 churches have been working together along with the Northern Virginia Health Foundation, the City of Alexandria Farmers Market, Partnership for a Healthier Alexandria and the Alexandria Community Foundation. This collaboration has been called ‘historic’ by several life long residents and hunger activists in the City.

The catalyst for the Hunger Free Alexandria initiative is a new report commissioned by The Partnership for a Healthier Alexandria’s Childhood Obesity Action Network (A-COAN), Toward an End to Hunger in Alexandria, along with other Alexandria organizations. It quantifies significant gaps in services available to Alexandrians suffering from food hardship, irregular access to affordable and healthy meals. The report also outlines solutions and offers specific guidance on how we can work together to make the largest impact possible. Click here for a brief summary.

Faith leaders pledged their support and commitments publicly at an Alexandria Hunger Free Fair Sunday, September 21 to fill the gaps through advocacy, financial resources and practical commitments of time, space and the volunteer labor to move toward a time when no one in our city goes hungry.

We encourage you to click here to visit the Healthier Alexandria website and review the Alexandria Food Hardship report and consider how you can get involved. The opportunities to serve include options to shop, cook, pack lunches, pick up food, deliver food, be a host to our Lazarus guests as they shop, help with advocacy, web development, write letters or do data entry at the office. Click here to contact our Director of Outreach and Missions Melanie Gray or call 703 778-4937 for more information.

Christ Church Commitments to Hunger Free Alexandria

What we will begin doing:

  • Have individual emergency food bags prepared to be handed out.
  • We will begin gleaning from the Old Town Farmer’s market to add additional produce to our Lazarus Food Pantry.
  • Explore ways to have SNAP counselors enroll eligible Alexandrians.

What we will continue doing:

  • Offer a variety of food every Thursday to Alexandrians who come to the Lazarus Food Pantry.
  • Offer opportunities and encouragement to guests who visit our programs to sign up for the ALIVE! Last Saturday Food Distribution
  • Offer snacks, groceries, including fresh produce and meat, fellowship and hospitality on the third Thursday of each month to residents of Ladrey Senior Center during Bingo.
  • Deliver Meals on Wheels monthly.
  • Prepare and serve dinner at Carpenter’s Shelter on the first and third Friday of each month.
  • Prepare and serve Bag Lunches for hungry Alexandrians Monday through Friday every seven weeks at Meade Memorial Church.
  • Support efforts of Bread for the World’s national effort to strengthen Federal programs which reduce hunger locally, nationally and internationally. We will continue to contact our legislators and advocate for reducing hunger.