Learn How & Why to Start Donating toward Your HVAC Pledge

We are all delighted and grateful that the Preserving our Legacy – Protecting our Future capital campaign to support the Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) project was a success and will result in contributions and pledges that will, when fulfilled, help complete the funding for the project, along with support from the Christ Church Foundation, and church reserves. Thank you to everyone who made a donation or a pledge to care for the church.

If you pledged support for the project through the campaign, there are many ways to fulfill your pledge and we would like to help you get started. Your timely donations can minimize the need to use our line of credit to make payments for the project. This keeps associated interest payments down and makes your contribution even more effective for the church. Here are some things to keep in mind when making your donations toward your pledge:

  • Your pledge contributions and pledge balance will be included on the quarterly contribution statements that are issued by the Accounting Office.
  • Your next quarterly statement (in mid-July) will also include an envelope to use for mailing HVAC donation checks.
  • Please write “HVAC” on the memo line of all pledge donations made by check and either mail to 118 N. Washington St., Alexandria, VA 22314 or drop in the offertory plate on Sundays.
  • Special envelopes are not necessary to identify your pledge donations, but if you would like a set of HVAC envelopes to use as reminders, please click here to email Tara Knox or call her at 703-778-4928 to request envelopes.
  • Regular pledge contributions may be made on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis by either credit card or by direct transfer from a bank account to the Christ Church account. Please click here to contact Stephanie Kelly or call her at 703-778-4933 in the Accounting Office to set up a schedule.
  • Donation of stock or securities may also be used to fulfill all or part of a pledge. Please contact Stephanie Kelly in the Accounting Office for account information.

If you have questions about your pledge or how to make contributions toward fulfilling your pledge, please click here to email Tara Knox or call her at 703-778-4928.