As we begin a new year, let us pray together.

From Illuminata – Thoughts, Prayers, Rites of Passage

By Marianne Williamson 

"Dear God,

We pray for this our world

We ask that You remove the walls that separate us and the chains that hold us down.

Use us to create a new world on earth, one that reflects Your will, Your vision, Your peace.

In this moment, we recognize the power You have given us to create anew the world we want.

Today’s world, dear Lord, reflects our past confusion.

Now, in this moment, we ask for new light.

Illumine our minds.

Use us, dear Lord, as never before, as part of a great and mighty plan for the healing of this world.

May we no longer be at war with each other.

May we no longer be at war with ourselves.

Let us forgive this century and every other, evils of history, the pain of our common fears.

Remove from our hearts the illusion that we are separate.

May every nation and every people and every color and every religion find at last the one heartbeat we share,

Through You, our common Father/Mother and the redeemer of our broken dreams.

May we not hold onto yesterday.

May we not obscure Your vision of tomorrow but rather may You flood our hearts.

Flow through us, work through us, that in our lives we might be the illumined world.

Create, sustain that world on earth, dear God, for us and for our children.

Hallelujah, at the thought,

Praise God, the possibility that such a thing could come to be, through you, through

Your light that shines within us.

So may it be.

So may it be.

We thank you, Lord.