Adult Ed & Formation


What is Adult Faith Formation?

Faith Formation in one sense is another way of saying Christian Education but in another sense Faith Formation implies something that goes beyond simple taking in of information.

To be formed in the Christian faith means that we are open to growing spiritually in the context of an adult learning community. A big part of Adult Faith Formation here at Christ Church is attending Sunday forums, being part of a small group, and being open to how God is working in the people around us.

Faith Formation calls for a spirit of generosity, of curiosity, of imagination, and of commitment. All are welcome and encouraged to participate in the multitude of ways we deepen our faith as Christians: through full participation in worship, in mission and outreach work, in teaching, leading, praying, and giving and in joining classes that call out to us and to our interests.

Faith Formation happens at all times of the day, seven days a week here at Christ Church. Take a look at some of the offerings we have listed on our web pages, come and worship with us, and then get involved! We promise you will find something that will nurture you on your journey of faith and that you will make friends and find mentors along the way.