Stewardship for 2019


Strength to Strength

God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance, so that by always having enough, you may share abundantly in every good work.

— 2 Corinthians 9.8

This year’s theme for our parish life, and the vision that guides our 2019 Pledge Campaign is “From Strength to Strength.”  It serves as both a reminder and call to action in our parish community; one that honors both the many accomplishments of our past while also serving as a clarion; calling us to build on the foundation of nearly 250 years of worship and generous service.  Our goal is to grow Christ’s church, not only within our beloved old Church building and its grounds, but in our city and in the world.

Christ Church has a demonstrated commitment to stewardship that has sustained this parish and made it a leader in the spiritual and social fabric of our community.   We must not rest on the laurels of our past successes, but rather embrace this time to leverage our strengths and accomplish even more in the name of Christ.  In the Parable of the Talents, Jesus teaches the importance of using your God-given gifts; a talent is useless unless it is put to work.  Now is time for each of us to ask: have we buried our strengths, or are we actively using them?

Please share your strength by making a pledge to support the ministries of Christ Church.

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The Stewardship Committee is pleased to offer the first in our video series in which we will be exploring the themes in our mission statement:

Christ Church embodies God’s unbounded love by embracing, liberating, and empowering people, whoever you are and wherever you find yourself on your journey of faith.

In this week’s video, Jack Hutcheson, Geoff Giovanetti, and Sharmili & Stratton Edwards talk about how they experience God’s unbounded love through our programs for children and youth.


In our second in our From Strength to Strength video series, Meredith Randle and Mary Ellen Garrett talk about how they have felt embraced by God and embraced by the Christ Church community. 



In Christ, we are forgiven, loved, and freed! What an incredible gift to know ourselves free to live and love in the world. In the third From Strength to Strength video, the leaders of Covenant Class explain how they see the liberating power of God’s love changing the hearts and lives of those who come through the class and join our parish community and also how that liberating love changes them even as they lead the class.

In this week’s From Strength to Strength video, Liz Denson and Jane Baird talk about how the mission and outreach work of Christ Church are empowering to both those who give their time and talent to the work and to those who are the recipients of that time and talent.

In order to continue to help our parish community live and thrive in God’s world, we need everyone in our parish to dig deep and pledge generously to the work of God in this place. God has given us so much and so much is asked of us. We have so much to celebrate on this journey of faith and so much work to do together.



Stewardship Committee

Abas Adenan, Vestry Liaison 

Brian Butcher

Jeff Dienno

Stratton Edwards

Tom Hahn

Darrin Hostetler

Dan Ingram

Ken Knapp

Meredith Randle