Our Little Roses


But be doers of the word, and not merely hearers who deceive themselves. -James 1:22

Our Little Roses Home for Girls

Click here to watch a video about our 2015 trip. 

Join us July 14-23, 2018

If you are ready to sign up, there is one registration packet for youth (anyone under 18) another registration packet for adults. Everyone needs to complete all forms and send to the appropriate person by the correct due date. There are only 2 due dates: Friday, March 16 (initial form is due to Sarah) and Friday, April 6 (full registration and payment is due).  Instructions are described on page 1. Full registration packets will be mailed to Elizabeth McAlister, who has led the trip for many years and continues to help us oversee some of the planning, including the paperwork and logistics of the trip. Her address is on the application.


This year we are changing the structure of the trip a little bit to help us better manage all variables in planning and executing a mission experience like this.  This payment for the trip will be a flat fee of $1,400 that will cover all trip expenses (lodging, food, mission trip expenses, logistics, security, transportation, insurance, etc).   However, this fee will NOT include airfare.  If you need financial assistance, contact Melanie Gray. We may be able to suggest ways you can fundraise. If you are a member of Christ Church, you may be eligible for a small grant from the Diocese of Virginia to apply to your cost. There may also be people willing to donate frequent flier miles to you.  


Since airfare is not included in this year’s trip price, flights for adults can be purchased on your own on whatever carrier is your preference. Fare prices range depending on when you purchase and can be quite affordable for an individual ticket (ranging $700 and up). The only stipulation is that you MUST purchase airfare for the exact travel dates (July 14 and July 23). We will ask that you submit this information to us so we can arrange airport pick up on our arrival day. If you are a minor, we prefer that you consider flying with us on a group flight that we will arrange. (Adults are welcome to this option, too, if they want - we just want everyone to know what the cost is for a group flight). 

Everyone must indicate their airfare travel preference on your initial application form that is due March 16. To emphasize again, we prefer that all minor travelers opt for the group flight. This is because minors not traveling with a parent need an authorized legal guardian for travel. If you decide that your child will NOT travel with the group, you will be responsible for their own safe arrival, including the potential added cost by the airline of a required airline escort.  The typical cost of a seat with the group flight is likely to be around $900, based on last year’s costs and predicted fares for this year.   

For anyone NOT traveling with the group, if you wish for a recommendation on a travel agent, we can provide that. Let us know by contacting Sarah DeCamps or Melanie Gray Additionally, please know that ALL travelers will be expected to carry one checked piece of luggage on behalf of the group. We will give that to you the day before we leave. 


There will be one mandatory meeting for ALL travelers on Sunday, April 29 in the afternoon at Christ Church. 

In addition, all adults going on the trip must take the online “prevention of sexual abuse” training course required by the Diocese of Virginia. It is a requirement for all volunteers. We can send information to you about this if you need to do this because you are a newcomer over the age of 18.


The girls eagerly await our arrival each year…so consider joining us for 10 days of fun, crafts, sports, and most importantly, relationship building. Any questions about the trip or application should be directed to the co-leaders of the trip: Sarah DeCamps and Liz Hoekstra McAlister.


Why We Go


We go to OLR because we believe we can change lives, including our own. We believe in the power of relationships. We celebrate how many lives have been touched and changed through this mission.

A Mission of Presence


For over twenty years, Christ Church parishioners journeyed to San Pedro Sula, Honduras for a 10-day mission trip at Our Little Roses, which is a home for fifty-six young girls. Ranging in age from 2 ½ to 18, the girls have previously been abandoned or abused and have lived in extreme poverty.

The girls lack a mother and father to love and care for them. They are raised by tias (aunts). The mission team offers joy and happiness to these girls, bringing them love, warm hugs, friendly smiles, and sharing God with them.

The mission team offered the girls a wide variety of activities including arts & crafts projects, swimming, hiking, soccer, and cook-outs. They assisted in the bilingual summer school and painted their classrooms for three days!

The trip is truly a life-changing event. It is a wonderful experience to bring joy into these children’s lives.

A Prayer for Mission

May God the Father come to us to strengthen our hands for service.
May God the Son teach us to search for Him in others and to find Him in ourselves.
May God the Holy Spirit fill our hearts with fiery purpose and conviction.
May all that we are and all that we do reflect the love of Christ Jesus.