Environmental Stewardship


A Prayer for Knowledge of God’s Creation

Almighty and everlasting God, you made the universe with all its marvelous order, its atoms, worlds, and galaxies, and the infinite complexity of living creatures. Grant that, as we probe the mysteries of your creation, we may come to know you more truly, and more surely fulfill our role in your eternal purpose; in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Reading the Bible as an Ecological Act

The Environmental Stewardship Ministry (ESM) team recently hosted a book group to read Dr. Richard Bauckham's book, The Bible and Ecology. The ESM team was then proud to be a co-sponsor of Reading the Bible as an Ecological Act, an event that took place at the National Cathedral featuring Dr. Bauckham.

Resources Available

  • Approved by General Convention 2009, the Genesis Covenant is a national ecumenical effort by religious communities to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from their facilities by 50 percent within 10 years. Click here to learn more. 

  • Click here to read about Lenten (and year-round) creation care practices. 

  • Please visit the Library to find works on the theology of creation, books on practical applications of environmental stewardship, children's books, and more. Stop by and borrow something green. 

  • Click here to visit the Diocese of Virginia's webpage for its Committee on the Stewardship of Creation.


The Environmental Stewardship Ministry Team meets frequently throughout the year. Please watch Parish Life for specific dates and time. All are welcome to participate.


For more information on any aspect of this ministry, click here to send an email to the Environmental Stewardship Ministry team.