Committees at Christ Church

There are a number of committees that meet regularly and are almost always looking for new members. 

Children, Youth, and Family Ministries Committee: We gather to strategize the vision and goals for the children, youth, and family ministries, as well as plan and support events, Sunday school, and youth group.

Communications Committee: We promote effective communication about parish activities for current parishioners and provide information helpful to newcomers interested in joining Christ Church, as well as share the works of Christ Church with the broader community.

Environmental Stewardship Ministry Team: We seek to make Christ Church ‘greener’ and to educate and promote our care of God’s creation as individuals and as a parish.

Finance Committee: We manage the budgeting process and assist the Treasurer to oversee the finances of the church in order to be good stewards of what has been entrusted to Christ Church.

Hospitality Committee: We coordinate major hospitality events in the parish such as Lessons & Carols, Evensong and Bishop’s Visit receptions, and seniors luncheons. We support and organize coffee hour hospitality and 3rd Sunday Fellowship Breakfasts.

Nominating Committee: We prayerfully consider parishioners as possible candidates to be nominated for Vestry, Regional and Diocesan Council service.

Lay Pastoral Caregivers Committee: We come together to be enriched and provide support to one another so that we can be better representations of Christ when we go out to provide pastoral care.

Liturgy Guild: We are the heads of worship support ministries and we gather to pray, study, and consult on matters of worship at Christ Church

Mission Committee: We are a committee composed of the chairs to all the Mission Ministries

Outreach Committee: We are a committee composed of the chairs of the Outreach Ministries.

Personnel Committee: We provide counsel on human resource matters to Christ Church clergy and staff.

Properties Committee: We provide guidance for the care and upkeep of the campus and physical plant.

Small Group Ministry Team: We discern ways to foster connection between one another and God.

Stewardship Committee: We are a nurturing body that encourages the use of the gifts God has given us to do the work we are called to do, in a spirit of ever-growing generosity of time, talents, and treasures.

Welcome Ministry Committee: We support the work of attracting newcomers to Christ Church, connect newcomers with others in the parish, and engage everyone in deeper involvement in parish ministries.