At the end of July, I wrote a blog that featured an essay about the Episcopal Church written by the Rev. Winnie Varghese. In the barrage of disparaging opinion pieces that proliferated following General Convention, I found Varghese’s words to articulate an accurate and affirming picture of the Episcopal Church that I know and love. In one paragraph however, she quotes Bobby Castle who says in essence the ones who disagree with the direction the church is moving and have left “are the ones that should go.”

One concerned parishioner came to see me and asked if this was the attitude of the clergy at Christ Church. Unfortunately, he was not able to attend the forum we offered in May on same-gender blessings, where he would have heard all of the clergy and both wardens stand and articulate that while we individually and collectively feel called to move forward with same-gender blessings for our parishioners who desire it, we hope that people who do not support this move will still find a home here at Christ Church. It is neither our intention, nor our desire for people who disagree on this issue to leave. The Anglican Church was forged in a kind of organic tension, attempting to hold together the Anglo-Catholic and Protestant theologies. Here, too, there is room for those who think differently.

One of the big priorities to come out of our Strategic Plan is about seeking the dignity of and welcoming of all people. Having said that, it cannot be denied that Christ Church, the national Church, and the country all are moving in the same direction: full and equal inclusion of and rights for our LGBT sisters and brothers. And I say, thanks be to God for that.