I recently read an interview with English filmmaker and actor David Suchet. He spoke about growing up without religion but, to his surprise, became a Christian in 1986 at the age of 40 after reading Romans 8 in a hotel Bible. He later produced a documentary on St. Paul for the BBC. This is what he had to say about his conversion: “I‘ve always felt there must be something better than what we have here. And that certainly, for me, has never been found in a humanistic philosophy. I’m not impressed with us as human beings, with what we’re doing to the planet and each other.  We’re a pretty cruel animal.”

We sometimes underestimate how dangerous we are to ourselves and each other. It is interesting that one as cynical, searching, insightful and converted as Suchet is; that he has found that Christ, having saved him, he can now be a part of saving what is best about humanity. He is indicting and yet hopeful. Where do you see yourself in his discovery and doubts?