I was visiting the Sunday school classrooms this past Sunday. It was the first Sunday in a new unit for the first through fifth graders. The topic of this unit is the Book of Common Prayer. Some classes wrote a collect. Some classes matched music to different sections of the BCP. And in the art class I was asked a tricky question: What is my favorite part of the Book of Common Prayer?

That’s a bit like asking me what kind of chocolate or ice cream is my favorite. All of it! But I was able to give the first graders a couple of answers. First, I had baptisms on my mind since it was the Sunday where we remember Jesus’ baptism, the Baptism of our Lord. I love baptisms and they are one of my favorite things to do as a priest. It is a joy to make and welcome in new Christians, whether little babies or grown adults. I also love the Eucharistic prayers. They are core to our shared Sunday worship of God, how we are fed by our Lord and Savior Jesus, and how we are knit together in the family of God. You will have to ask the first graders for which one I said was my favorite. My third answer would be the collects and prayers. I love that these prayers, some centuries old, others written in the past 50 years, are written down for all to see and use. You can check them out. The collects are found between pages 211 and 261 – or pages 159 and 210 if you want to read them in the traditional (Rite I) language. As you read and pray through them, you move through the church year. Prayers and thanksgivings for various occasions are found beginning on page 814.

So I ask you. What is your favorite part of the Book of Common Prayer? Why? Tell us!