Legendary preacher Fred Craddock tells a great story about a conversation he had with a greyhound once.  I’m a big fan of greyhounds.  I used to have a retired racer and she was a wonderful, devoted friend to me. Craddock’s story about his conversation with a greyhound speaks volumes to me during the season of Lent. What are you chasing?

“I was in a home not long ago where they had adopted a dog that had been a racer.  It was a big old greyhound, spotted hound, lying there in the den. One of the kids in the family, just a toddler, was pulling on its tail, and a little older kid had his head over on that dog’s stomach, used it for a pillow. That dog just seemed so happy and I said to the dog, ‘uh, are you still racing any?’

                ‘No, no, no, I don’t race anymore.’

                I said, ‘do you miss the glitter and excitement of the track?’

                He said, ‘No, no.’

                I said, ‘well, what’s the matter? You got too old?’

                ‘No, no, I still had some race in me.’

                ‘Well, did you not win?’

                He said, ‘I won over a million dollars for my owner.’

                ‘Then what was it, bad treatment?’

                ‘Oh no, they treated us royally when we were racing.’

                I said, ‘Then what? Did you get crippled?’

                He said, ‘No, no, no.’

                I said, ‘Then what?’

                And he said, ‘I quit.’

                I said, ‘why did you quit?’

                And he said, ‘I discovered that what I was chasing was not really a rabbit.  And I quit.’ He looked at me and said, ‘All that running, running, running, running, and what I was chasing was not even real.’”