It was a rock concert Sunday! Last Sunday was our annual visit from the Bishop, which this time was our diocesan bishop, the Rt. Rev. Shannon Johnston. Bishops are expected to do many things on their annual visitations to churches: in worship to baptize, confirm, receive into the Anglican Communion, reaffirm, and celebrate the Eucharist, as well as connect with vestries, clergy, and the whole congregation. Bishop Shannon did a wonderful job of being very present and available for all of Christ Church and I am thankful to God for his ministry and the gifts that he shared with us.

But the real work of the day was done by those in the gathered congregation, which I hope included you. There is a very important question asked of the congregation each time there is a baptism, as well as confirmations. “Will you who witness these vows do all in your power to support these persons in their life in Christ?” The answer from the congregation is always “We will!” Okay, the exclamation point is not in the liturgy as written in the Book of Common Prayer, but it is always there in your response.

I tell baptismal families, the youth, and the adults who were being confirmed, received, or reaffirming their baptismal vows that the congregation takes this promise seriously. And I know you do. And for some of you, you put your promise into action. You pray for these people, older and young. You seek them out on Sundays to introduce yourself. You teach Sunday school, serve the chalice, usher and greet as ways of connecting with those who are newly in the Body of Christ and are newly at Christ Church. You participate with them in seeking and serving Christ in others in outreach and mission service.

As the days pass and the Bishop’s visit fades into a memory, I ask you to pray for and seek out these Christians and their families. Pray for them as they continue in their journey of following our Lord and Savior Jesus. Pray for them as they live out their life of faith on Sundays and during the rest of the week. And seek them out and get to know them; share your Christian journey with them and hear of theirs.

Rhonda, Derek, William, Emma, Emma, Norman, Elliana, Aurora, Thomas, Walter, Emily, Jackson, Thaddeus, Kaitlin, Ethan, Amanda, Paige, Rebecca, Maddie, Meghan, Olivia, Ben, Michael, Tofer, Natalie, Skip, Anna, Sandy, Peter, Paige, Stephanie, Pete, Jenny, Steven, Jeremy, Jason, Brenda, Cindy, Diana, Christine, Connie, Susan, Joann, Alexandra, Charles, Libby, Chris, Mary Beth, Pat

You know what your response is to be: “We will!”