We just marked the second Sunday of Easter, which is often called Doubting Thomas Sunday. Poor Thomas! He asks a question of the other disciples, makes a bravado statement in his grief and struggles, and gets labeled “doubting” for the rest of history. There is a great comic that I saw making the rounds this past week.

You can see it by clicking here.

It is core for me that faith and doubt are not opposites. Doubt is part of the faith journey. Questions and questioning are part of growing and strengthening in faith. We learn through asking questions, and so often in our journey of faith we are like the three-year-old who again and again asks “Why?” As we ask the questions, we are engaged in the journey. Our questions guide us to seek deeper answers which lead to truths that cannot be contained in sound bytes. As we make our faith journey, we come to know more of what we believe. It is when we stop moving in our faith, stop seeking God, stop reaching out that we are at the opposite of faith in our apathy.

The members of the confirmation preparation class have just been given their final project. Whether they choose to be confirmed this June or not, each youth will produce a statement on what he or she believes. They can write a letter, make a video blog, or create a work of visual art to share what they believe. These creations will then be shared with the class and families. I am looking forward to what they will say.

How about for you? What would you create as your faith statement, as your This I Believe statement?