Last week, Sunday School resumed after taking a two-week hiatus for Holy Week. Around 8:45, Sunday School Leaders returned to pick up their rosters and make last minute preparations in their classrooms, while Room Parents stopped by to drop off snacks. As 9:00 a.m. drew ever closer, children and their families came down the stairs and made their ways to their classrooms. Once their children were checked in with their teachers and shepherds, some parents lingered in McMurray Commons, some moved to the Teen Center for coffee and conversation. One Sock On gathered in room 110. And at 9:05, when class had begun in earnest, I took a moment to look around McMurray Commons and appreciate being able to stand in the midst of the Church at work. 

Each Sunday, I’m amazed that I get to be a part of such a vital ministry. The presence of the Holy Spirit is palpable in the Fowler House – children are laughing and singing, parents are sharing joys and frustrations, and volunteers are talking openly about their faith in the God we meet in Jesus.

As we continue through the season of Easter, I wonder if you might take a moment to consider what goes on in the Fowler House each week. Maybe you’re a Fowler House regular and haven’t taken time to appreciate what we do week in and week out. Or perhaps you’ve never been down those stairs before. Whoever you are, come and see. You might be surprised at what God is doing in our midst.