OK, I am completely convicted by the Sunday, July 1, NY Times op-ed piece by Time Kreider called The Busy Trap. Just that morning at church, I had twice responded to a parishioner’s question, How are you?, with not one but two of his “default responses:” I had answered, “Crazy busy,” to one and “exhausted,” to the other. Even now, as I reread the article, my mind is throwing up all kinds of excuses like: “ A priest’s work is never done.” Or the defense: “But it’s really true!”

Kreider’s contention is that we are overly busy because we choose it, because it is “ a hedge against emptiness.” I admit that there is more that I think I must do than I actually must do, but I don’t know if I agree that my busyness holds at bay a dread of silence. The happiest, most peaceful part of my day is my morning meditation in which I welcome emptiness. I practice emptying myself out to make room for God. It is that time that allows me to sustain an often packed and intense schedule. I do acknowledge saying “Yes” to too many things sometimes. I sometimes pray over my calendar and remind myself to build in margins of space, but I love the richness of my life and ministry in and outside Christ Church. I also love my life with my husband and family, my yoga practice, my time in nature, etc. I pack my work schedule so I have time for those things which sustain me. I guess I am a work in progress.