On Sunday, April 28 during the forum hour, we will hear from Barry Stauffer and the committee that has been researching the state of our entire heating and air conditioning system which is spread out through four different buildings on our church campus. This is an “annual meeting” moment for us to gather because of the extensiveness of the reconditioning our contractor is proposing. Caring for this national landmark property, given its age, is always challenging.

It is our gift to the nation to keep it open for tourists, scholars, and other professionals, especially those interested in the life and legacy of George Washington. Years ago some very wise parishioners established a foundation to ensure its upkeep, much like the ladies association has done for Mount Vernon. These repairs are of such consequence that we would like your feedback regarding the direction we will propose. Think of it as a home-owners association meeting and your investment is in need of reconditioning. I hope to see you there.

In faith, Pierce