Last night, I had the joy of attending the Pay it Forward dinner at the final session of the fall Covenant Class. Members of the current Covenant Class were there to enjoy a dinner provided by the leaders and members of the most recent Covenant Class. There was a great buzz of conversation before and during dinner as old friends checked in with each other and new friends shared more about their day-to-day lives. A pregnancy was celebrated. A new job and the search for an Episcopal church closer to a new home were discussed. Networking happened. There was laughter, smiles, and joy.

In addition to celebrating the completion of a ten-week class, this final session is a chance for those who went through the class, both of the ‘new’ group and the ‘old’ group, to share what they liked and improvements they would want for the next session. Deeper insights as to a person’s spiritual journey are also shared. Many say that they not only learned about the Episcopal Church but also learned more about the Christian traditions out of which they are moving. One long-time Episcopalian who came to the Episcopal church as an adult said that he learned more and in new ways about this faith tradition that he has been in for 25 years. Another person spoke of how she realized that she had feared taking the Eucharist before but now had more understanding and a deep sense of grace, so she could come with joy to the altar.

There are multiple purposes of the Covenant Class – to offer knowledge about Christianity and the Episcopal Church, to be an entrance point into the Christ Church community, to provide a small group experience in a church that can be experienced as impersonal and large. One Covenant Class leader shared his goal of creating a safe space for exploring the Christian journey. But the gift shared to the new and old Covenant Classes that I heard last night was when a leader said to the group– You make my Christian walk richer.

I will be holding that thought with me for some time.

And that insight and gift makes me wonder. Where do you find your Christian walk made richer? With whom do you have conversations that enrich you? And, how do you share of yourself to enrich others?