If you are a snow lover like me, it’s been disappointing to say the least. Finally we get what everybody else has enjoyed in repeated fashion since November. Snow was what captivated me since the time I was a child. We lived in the snowbelt, so from October to April, from the first tear drop flakes to the last unexpected blast around Easter, snow fell often and for me, happily, at regular intervals. Even trudging through my paper route before breakfast or hoisting myself over ice drifts on my way to school was worth the effort. At night I would gaze from my bedroom window at the beauty and mystery of snow falling.

What is so tantalizing about snow? Mark Vanhoenaker, a pilot who should know a thing or two about snow comments: “Snow gives us a new world. It gives us (not least) a day off to contemplate it. Snow bestows silence.” Saint-Éxupery wrote, “Deep snowfalls spread their peace.” Suggesting that snow gives meaning to the great indoors, Thoreau wrote that in winter, “warmth stands for all virtue.”

Sure, it can be a nuisance. But as Mark Twain commented, “A great deal has been said about the weather but very little ever done about it.” So why not enjoy it? Revel in its silence, peace, and the gift of a new world, if only temporarily.