During the month of April, we provide a Sunday in which we celebrate our outreach ministries to our neighborhood, the nation, and the world. A few things stand out even though we have had to make cuts in funding. Our volunteers have really stepped up to the plate and provided discovery and strength to continue to provide resources. Last month I noticed we distributed 1,000 bags of groceries from the doors of Christ Church.

Director of Outreach & Mission Michele Smith has found social workers to come and assist our Lazarus guests. She has found more and more shoppers to bring food to the church to give away and counselors to help provide a variety of resources to meet each of their needs. We estimate that the volunteer hours are worth, on an annual basis, around $200,000.

Our Lazarus ministry is a good snapshot of what happens in other areas of our outreach ministry. We currently have 48 volunteers and the budget for Lazarus is tantamount to a small business that utilizes revenue from grants, ALIVE!, clergy discretionary, operating budgets, and other donations. I hope you’ll join with me in thanking any one of our outreach volunteers for this incredible devotion and their innovation in keeping Christ Church strong to meet the needs of our neighbors.