Greetings from San Pedro Sulla! The OLR Mission Team arrived without incident (unless you count a detour to Ft Lauderdale because of thunder storms). 

Sunday was our Team Day, when we spent time discovering the beauty of Honduras and getting to know one another. The day included a zip line ride over spectacular water falls for the more adventurous.  We also visited El Progresso and the community center started by Students Helping Honduras.  It was a blessing to see the vision of one young person grow to such significance for a community of folks who really needed to have hope restored..  It shows what God can do when so many support the ideas and commitment of just one other.  Monday we arrived at OLRs ready to work.  As a new team member it was a joy to watch the girls greet the other long term members of our team with recognition and joy.  It was evident the OLR girls love the Christ Church team!  We worked hard all day, painting in the heat, working with the girls on crafts and enjoying an afternoon of sports.  We have the best teens along as members of the team!  They are dependable and pleasant to be with, and they have heart!  Today, Tuesday, we painted some more, took the girls swimming, made Nutella pops (ever try telling three year olds not to lick the bowl?), and took the girls to a movie. 

Each night we are duly tired when the day ends, but energized when morning comes.  It is such a joy to share in the lives of these girls! We look forward to tomorrow and another day in San Pedro Sulla!