Since General Convention, the Episcopal Church has been taking quite a beating on op-ed pages and in the blogosphere. I was particularly incensed by Ross Douthat’s (Washington Post, Sunday, July 15) suggestion that we are losing numbers because of our liberal tendencies and lack of theology.

In my heart and gut, I kept thinking he doesn’t know the Episcopalians I know. He doesn’t know of the disciples in my church and other Episcopal churches who, because of their love of Christ, reach out to those who are oppressed and marginalized and denied the same freedoms others have.

Finally, I see a blog that captures beautifully how I feel. It is written by Winnie Verghese, a priest I remember as a real light back in the Diocese of LA. She articulates an understanding of the church to which I belong, the Gospel I preach, and the Christ I serve. Read it and weep!