About five or six years ago, Christ Church began a program entitled “Kids of Note.” Using the financial offerings donated at Lessons and Carols each December, we began supporting a marvelous group of young junior high students who had shown strong abilities in both music and academics. These young individuals were all former band students of parishioner Kristi Thomas. Over the years we’ve been able to purchase instruments for these students, provide support to allow them to attend school activities, and participate in other opportunities that would have been financially impossible for them.

I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful these young men and women are. They are full of positive attitudes, ambition, kindness, and are generous in their offerings of support to one another.

kids-of-note-collage-square.jpgWell, as all kids do, these kids are getting older. The oldest member of this group is now a senior in high school. He took the SAT last year and he did well on parts of it, but his English scores were a little low. This should not be surprising given that English is his second language. He worked very hard studying and taking practice tests and was able to raise his English scores considerably. Just this week, he received a letter informing him that he had been accepted into the college of his choice. For the past several months, Kristi Thomas has encouraged this young man that the sky is the limit for him.  Kristi has gone above and beyond in order to help him make a college visit in person. Fellow parishioner, Kris Amundson also worked tirelessly – helping to make contacts at the school, helping to proof read his college essays, and providing counsel on the next steps he should take all along the way. This is a young man who could very easily have “fallen through the cracks” were it not for devoted supporters such as Kris and Kristi. Their continual phone calls to the necessary people, advice and encouragement have transformed this kid’s future.

He will now be the first person in his family to attend college. I am so proud of him, and so very thankful to every individual who, over the years, has donated towards the Lessons and Carols offerings. The line that “it takes a village” could appropriately be adjusted to “it takes a church.” God is good, and in a time when I’ve been looking for some much-needed positive news in the world – this has been a heart-stirring welcome.

We will, no doubt, be hearing of the great accomplishment this young man, as well as all of the other Kids of Note, will accomplish in the future. Let us never forget the good we can help bring about in the world. Thanks be to God!