By Kris Amundson          It took nearly 3 hours to drive the roughly 200 kilometers from San Pedro Sula to La Ceiba. But although Yosleni (12th grade) and Emy (8th grade) and their mother Mrs. Lopez (not her real name) had traveled a much shorter distance, they had spent almost as long in transit. 

The road that leads to La Cuenca (literally, ¨the gorge¨) is challenging under the best of circumstances. And after a very rainy June, it has become almost impassable.  In fact, the sisters told us, they couldn’t depend on the road between their home and their school being open every day. So rather than risk missing even one day of class, they have made arrangements to stay with a relative who lives nearby.

When their father died, Mrs. Lopez was left to raise four children. She desperately wanted her girls to get a good education. But she couldn’t afford even the modest fees that could keep the girls in school.

So she prayed. And then she learned that la BECA would provide the scholarships.

Stories like these are why we do the work we do. With the help of so many of you reading this blog, we have been able to give these girls a chance for an education.

Emy and Yoslani are making the most of that opportunity.

Today, pray that we may all be open to the times when we can be the answer to a prayer.