By Kris Amundson          Graduations are always festive affairs. Here in Honduras, they are a combination of a prom and an academic ceremony. Girls wear long, glamorous (VERY glamorous) dresses. Many of the spectators also come in formal clothing.

 Two of our la BECA scholars - Tania and Astrid - were graduating. Here, that will mean big changes in their lives. In the US, college provides a four-year cushion (okay, sometimes a five- or six-year cushion) for students to make the transition to adult life. Here, the responsibilities come sooner.

They will need to find employment. They will need to choose a career - Honduran higher education is more career oriented, which is good for students who know what they want to do. For those who are unsure, it can involve several changes in program, with a resulting loss in credits.

Still, last night was joyous. The girls looked gorgeous. They were surrounded by loving friends and family. And we told them, again and again, that we were proud of them, and that we will continue to be there for them.

We have one more story - a truly compelling one - so look for it tomorrow. Today, please pray for all students who are starting their path to adulthood.

Anne and Kris with the graduates