By Kris Amundson          The first day that Anne Reed and I are back in Honduras is always a time for reconnection and recollection. Since we took part in mission trips with Christ Church from the early 1990s, we have between us made about 40 trips to this small Central American country. But even though the place is starting to feel like home, we always have some adjustment.

Although we are officially in Honduras as representatives of La BECA Women´s Scholarship Foundation, Christ Church is very much part of what we are doing. With Joanne Newton, we started our small scholarship foundation on a Christ Church mission trip to Our Little Roses, a home for abused and abandoned girls. The residents of that home were our first scholarship recipients, and reconnecting with them is very much a part of what we will do here.

Last night, we had dinner with Julia Ortiz, one of our first La BECA Scholars, and someone that many Christ Church members know. She is now happily married and the mother of a very lively almost-two-year-old, Jimenita. Today, we will see Ismelda, who graduated from middle school last year. On Saturday, we´ll reconnect with Jensy, our first La BECA scholar who is now doing a post-doctoral study in advanced dentistry. Education does make a difference.

We had to recollect what our Honduran phone ring tone sounds like - but not before missing a couple calls. We recollected how much we enjoy Honduran beer. (When Jack Hutcheson made his first trip here, he arrived knowing four words: ¨"Dos cervezas, por favor."  He had a wonderful trip.)

Today we visit Our Little Roses to talk about the next group of scholars. We will also prepare for graduation tomorrow night for two more girls, Tania and Astrid. They will achieve an educational level that few poor Honduran girls are allowed to reach, so we are thrilled to be here.

 More tomorrow - and, when we recollect how to send photos, watch for pictures! Please join us in praying for all the young girls who dream of an education so they can achieve a better life for themselves and for their future families. Last night around the dinner table, that´s just what we saw in action.