I saw recently on Facebook a poster that had a beautiful sunrise and the words, Non-Judgment Day is Coming! My first impulse was to laugh. This is so different from the image of a doom and gloom judgment day where the world ends and only the righteous will be saved. But then I started to think how much judgment we participate in every day.

We judge those who are different from us. We judge those who cut us off in traffic. We judge others by the clothes they wear, the food they eat, the words they use, the accent they have. Often we do this without even thinking about it. We are quick to categorize and dismiss. And of course, we often reserve the harshest judgment for ourselves. “I’m not good enough.” Or, “That’s for people who are smarter, younger, better, thinner, richer, (fill in the blank with your own adjective) more deserving than I am.” There are times when it is necessary to use our critical thinking skills and make a judgment call. That is different than the unconscious, reflexive making of assumptions that we do just because it is easier or makes us feel more secure.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a whole day of non-judgment? What about an hour? I wonder how that would feel. There would be so much more room inside of us for light and love and creativity and new ways of thinking and being and becoming. There would be more room for forgiveness. Our Advent theme this year is, Make room in your life for God!  What if each of us chose to designate five minutes every day where we judge nothing. And if in that time you find yourself slipping back into judgment (it is automatic behavior sometimes), you are not allowed to judge yourself for judging.  

I wish you a blessed and holy Advent with lots of room for God!