Here we are toward the end of “winter holidays” where school is still out, but the return is on the horizon, and new resolutions are being made. Some resolutions are the same, some are small, and some take a big mind shift. Family traditions are taking a big shift for me after this year.

I am spending the last Christmas holiday at my sending parish with my family. This is bittersweet for me. I will still see my family around the holidays, but it will forever be changed. Next year will be a new adventure. I will take the General Ordination Exam in a couple of weeks, graduate from Virginia Theological Seminary in May, and shortly after I will begin full time ministry at Christ Church. New traditions will begin with my wife, Mandy, and our two shetland sheepdogs. I have no idea what those traditions will look like, and that is a little exciting and a little frightening.

Christ Church might have some new traditions emerge over the next couple of years as well. We are welcoming an interim rector, starting a search process for a new rector, and beginning the frightening, but exciting work of looking at who we are as a parish. What will come out of that process? I do not know. I have seen this process up close on various levels. My small sending parish is the midst of a rector search, the Diocese of Lexington went through an interim bishop while searching for a new bishop, and the cathedral went through a similar process as Christ Church. They all have one common thread: change.

While we are making resolutions for ourselves, Christ Church will undergo change. Some might be perceived to be large and others small, but all of it is change. We have already seen some within the church. The technology used throughout the church has been, and continues to be updated. I love technology, and I am what you would call a “techie.” I try to stay current, but not for the reason you might think. Technology changes too quickly to be implemented in any meaningful way many times. You could easily be caught up chasing the next “big thing.” I stay current on technology to continually hone my skills while asking myself, “How can this technology help me in my everyday life and ministry?” Don’t get me wrong, I get excited about the little stuff, but I really geek out about the shifts in technology. The shifts impact everyday life.

When it comes to change that we may, or might not see, it is okay to get excited about the little things, but I hope we all can “geek out” about the big shifts in life so we can continue to do the work we are called to do even better.