My time is starting to wind down at Virginia Theological Seminary as a graduating senior, and I will transition to full time ministry at Christ Church as a Ministry Resident. This also means my time will slowly come to an end working in the Center for the Ministry of Teaching. I like to think that the CMT is a hidden gem at VTS where some innovative faith formation work happens in the digital realm. We look at churches, dioceses, and organizations across the country for great ideas that need to be shared while simultaneously developing our own content on our various content platforms.

I was thrilled to discover just how far ahead Christ Church has become in many aspects in the digital space. The CMT actually uses the Christ Church website as a model for other churches. Christ Church learned through the HVAC work that a solid infrastructure is needed to continue ministry. Recently Christ Church updated the internet capacity bring it up to par with a normal household in Alexandria. As a “millennial” who is always connected to the digital world this became music to my ears. Increasingly our world is becoming digitized. New tools are rapidly being moved online for everyday functions, and church tools are moving from the computer to the cloud. Christ Church could not take advantage of these tools, and a multitude of resources, without modern internet speeds.

While the new internet at Christ Church is a work in progress, along with various other much need IT infrastructure upgrades, rest assured the Vestry, the Technology Committee, and Parish Administrator Alecia Moroz are working to ensure Christ Church stays on the forefront of the church technology world. I cannot say enough how excited I am to be part of a church so forward thinking.