As we exit the long winter, and begin to think of spring arriving, we come upon one of my favorite times of the year — March Madness. Growing up in Kentucky means I have blue running in my veins. The entire city thrives on college basketball, check out “The Sixth Man” documentary on Netflix to get a glimpse, and every conversation during March always has a moment where people discuss the NCAA tournament.

While I live and breathe college basketball, this is not the same for everyone, but everyone seemingly fills out a bracket predicting who will win the tournament. This year I am spearheading the Christ Church Bracket Challenge. The winner of the entire bracket will receive bragging rights for a year, and will be able to choose which Christ Church Outreach or Mission ministry will receive all of the proceeds from the money collected from bracket entries.

The conversations around brackets, the tournament, and the money raised for a ministry at Christ Church is all for fun as we cheer on Virginia, Duke, North Carolina, I mean Kentucky. As we see our own bracket rise in the rankings we are afforded the opportunity to dream of which ministry will be given the proceeds. This is a discerning process. We are all discerning how our own personal gifts can be utilized, and what we are called to do.

I encourage everyone, if you participate or not, to discern which ministry they would like to support at Christ Church. Take this time to learn about the various ministries at Christ Church while you discern, and you might discover a new ministry. I am usually sitting on pins and needles during the month of March when the tournament begins, but this time I will be actively discerning where I am going to give the winnings if when I win the Christ Church Bracket Challenge.

Click here for name and password information to participate and fill out your bracket.

Please fill out your bracket before Thursday at 11:00 a.m.