Several years ago, I read a scholar commenting on the creation passage in Genesis 1. This person (whose name I cannot remember) observed that if God was all in all before the creation, that in the act of creating God would need to make room for the creation to exist. For there to be light, galaxies, stars, and planets, God would need to make room. For there to be water, land, and plants, God would need to make room. For there to be animals of all kind, as well as humanity, God makes room.

Since it is in Genesis 1:26-27 that we hear of human being made in the image of God, the imago dei, I think that it follows that humans are meant to create and to choose to create, as God does. This also means that humans are to make room and to choose to make room, just as God does. Frankly, the creating can be easier to do than the making room! In our relationships with those we love, whether they are spouse, child, parent, sibling, neighbor, co-worker, or friends, we are invited and sometimes demanded to make room for the thoughts, needs, and wants of others. In our relationships with those others that we know but perhaps have trouble loving, we are challenged to do the same.

The church, universal and this particular congregation, is also called to make room for others. We offer a warm welcome to those who come into the church, making room for others in the pews, at coffee hour, at the 3rd Sunday Fellowship Breakfasts. We welcome seekers and make room for others in adult faith formation classes, in Covenant Class, in prayer groups and Bible studies, and at Sunday school.  We invite others to serve along side and make room in Outreach and Mission ministries, in the chancel chapter, and in the choir. The challenge is to make room for those who are new and providing a warm welcome to the newcomer and the old friend alike.

In these upcoming Sundays, whether at worship in church, in a forum, or at a fellowship event, look around you and make room for those you do not know well. Take the first 5 minutes of coffee hour, breakfast, or your chatting time around the portico to talk with someone you do not know. Then bring invite them to meet those you do know. Expand the circle of welcome and friendship and make room.

PS – It’s always a good time to make sure you are making room in your life for God as well…