It was an amazing day. The sky was blue, the sun was shining, it was clear and cold, but not snowing and raining as it had been the day before. We began worshiping at a 7:30 a.m. interfaith prayer service, where we heard things like the Muslim call to prayer in Arabic, the blowing of a shofar, the native American welcoming of the four directions of Mother Earth, and some wonderful Gospel singing. We remembered the death of those who died because they were LGBT, either by persecution or by suicide. We heard one pastor tell us that, “Love will find a way, because Love never gives up. Love gets up early in the morning!”

Together we processed to the steps of the Supreme Court. We joined the throngs of people carrying signs like My church believes in marriage equality.  We heard Bishop Gene Robinson introduce his daughter who spoke eloquently about her dad’s 30 –year relationship with his partner.  Dean Gary Hall, of the National Cathedral, articulated that marriage should be available for all of God’s children.  He has been married to his wife for 35 years. Ravens linebacker, Brendon Ayanbedejo, said the reason they won the playoffs last year is because “Love always wins the game.”

Perhaps most stirring for me was the sea of love that surrounded protesters of both sides. There was no question which side had more energy and people. The tide on gay marriage is indeed turning, you could feel it. But all morning yesterday, I kept thinking: “This is America at its best; peaceful assembly, peaceful protests.”  Then this morning in the Washington Post, I read a quote from Orlando Irizarry, a pastor in Rhode Island, who was carrying a Marriage= Mom+ Dad sign expressing the same thing. “What is so beautiful about this nation is you can give your point of view in peace.”

Peace won yesterday, but love will win tomorrow.