One of our high school seniors is doing her May internship at Christ Church. As she wrote in her statement of interest for this project, “I am interested in understanding more about what is really involved in the operations of a church from ‘behind the scenes.’” As I write this, she’s had 2 days at the church and so far she has:

  • attended the Wednesday 12:05 pm Eucharist
  • learned a bit about the sacristy and cleaning up after the Eucharist
  • experienced the fellowship of the Murphy’s lunch crew
  • attended a staff meeting about planning for kitchen renovations, an upcoming fundraiser, and the Bishop’s Visit (This meeting had a fair amount of laughter – it was a good one!)
  • worked at the Lazarus Food Pantry
  • attended the Christ Church luncheon at Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads
  • and seen in action the West End Lazarus emergency financial assistance ministry.

 She has also seen this priest do the administrata of church work – emails, phone calls, and worship prep. In all of these experiences, she has seen how the operations of the church happen with love, care, and laughter. Even in the midst of the interim time and in anticipation of further transition, which will impact the ‘behind the scenes’ part of church life at least as strongly as the Sunday morning experience, we share love, care, and laughter. These qualities are grounded in the Wellspring of all Love – God our Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer.

May you find the Wellspring of all Love bubbling up in you on this day, grounding you in love, care, and laughter in all that you do.