As social media becomes epidemic, one concern I hear repeatedly is the fear that we are abandoning an essential piece of our humanity as everyday experience becomes ever more virtual. I actually overheard someone say, “Why bother talking to anyone when you can text them a message!” Reliance on digital devices is accelerating and one wonders about the implications of a virtual world overwhelming our contact and learning from the actual physical universe. We have been “created from dust” but unto digital devices shall we return? As we lose touch with each other and diminish our presence to God’s glorious creation, aside from what we can squeeze out of it while on vacation, do we risk the hazards of artificial relationships that seem to have no limits of forever demanding us to be online?

I’m the first to say that iPhones and their amazing electronic progeny are totally amazing for their portability of information and messaging, yet I am nervous about the upshot of less and less human contact and conversation. They say the more you are online…the more you are too spread out to be really present and available…to others or to yourself. What are you experiencing?