Before moving too far into Eastertide, I invite you to look back for a moment to Maundy Thursday. It was an incredible evening at Christ Church. There is a movement in Paris of church services that do not worry about the length of the service -- the Mass that takes its time. That is very much not our usual mode at Christ Church. But on Maundy Thursday, we were in kairos time, not kronos time or time that is measured and marked by minutes and seconds. We were brought into that space of unmeasured time with a deep and lush sermon preached by our priest associate, the Rev. Diane Murphy and then deepened during the foot washing. This was the first time (as far is known) that Christ Church did foot washing within the main liturgy and inside the historic church. We had hoped that we might get 20 people to participate. Instead, about 40 people did, embracing their brothers and sisters in a simple act of service ministry. There was great variety in those who came to have their feet washed and to wash the feet of others. There was the four year old, who washed feet very seriously, with some assistance from her mother, and the 80+ year old who forgot where she had been sitting but who remembered how to wash feet. People who have been going to church (any church) for about a year came forward, along with those who have been churchgoers for their whole long lives. It was a time of abundant grace -- grace upon grace was poured out abundantly.

That grace is the free gift of God's love to those -- all of us -- who have done nothing to deserve or earn it but who are invited to receive the gift. That grace comes to be understood only through the shadow of the Cross, of Christ's ultimate outpouring of Love and of God's Self on the Cross. That grace blooms, blossoms, explodes, reigns in the breaking of death with Christ's Resurrection and the glory of the Good News of Easter. For love is stronger than death by one-hundred-million-times-infinity.

Easter is not just a day but we mark it as a season. It is 50 days long, although that is barely enough for us to be able to live into the riches of that grace. We just barely stick our toe into the mystery of God's Love. Yet we try. So, I invite you to pour yourself into these 50 days of Eastertide. Live fully in the free love of God's grace! Live out fully your resurrection self! Live in the full and certain knowledge that you, even you, are loved fully and abundantly by God. The world and its cares, brokenness, and problems will continue. Even since in the few short days since we washed feet and proclaimed that Christ is Risen Indeed, there are has been gun violence locally, a terrorist attack in Pakistan, and a hijacked airplane. And that's just the top of the news, let alone how women and men continue to be disappeared across the globe, how wars continue, children starve, and we continue to divide ourselves into smaller and smaller bits of who is in and who is out. Yet...

Yet! Christ has broken death and sin -- they don't have the ultimate hold and can never have that power again. So, Rejoice! And live and love as an Easter People, as the Jesus People and the Jesus Movement that we are. Shine out Christ's Love in your own life, right here and now. Let your Alleluias rise!