All of us have dreams that psychiatrists call “escape plans.” We frequently have these dreams when the anxiety of our lives is running high. At other times we experience crisis and start scouting for a way out. And who is not looking for greener pastures? 

I have a hunch that even Jesus had such dreams. We know this when he comes to breaking points with his disciples and asks disturbing questions, such as, “Do you not yet understand? Can you drink the cup I’m about to drink? Could you not stay awake with me one more hour? When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?” These are essentially questions about whether, with your faith, you will make your mark in the world or disappear without legacy. 

This month, in the Washingtonian magazine, Carol Ross Joynt was asked about her secret dream. She responded by saying, “to have enough money to disappear.” Wouldn’t that be nice? But what mark would that leave in a world short on saints? The essential question of the Christian life is, “What in my life is worth dying for before I am laid to rest?” Try asking this question every Sunday before you receive communion and see if you don’t walk away from the altar rail with renewed commitment.